Listen to the descriptions of different people. Can you find the right face?

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Game developed by Cambridge English Online
Average: 3.8 (1599 votes)


very nice!
i like it!!!!!

It is very easy

I think we want to make our own characters, own trouble(we will need 2 people) that will be more exciting!! I don't know, that's was my IDEA!

 easy my brother is 3 and he can finish it with out getting any wrong and with out anyone's help 

boring game

I do not understand any of this stuff

Hi DukeWandPlane,
If you have trouble understanding when you listen to the description, you can click the box 'text on/off' to also read the description.
When you have decided which person fits the description, you click on his or her picture.
I hope that helps.

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team