What's your favourite food? Tell us about a traditional meal from your country.

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Hi !
My favourite foods are pizza, chips, spaghetti and sweet ( not too much though) .
I do not know exactly what a traditional food.
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Hi CreamFireHorse, 

'Traditional' food is the food which is very typical in your country. Something which almost everybody eats, something quite old and something that your country is famous for. 

For example, I am from England and a traditional dish from my country is 'Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding'. 

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LearnEnglishKids Team

My favourite food are :pizza and pancakes.My favourite drink is coca cola.

 My favourite foods are ice cream, fried eggs and chips... 
I am from Spain.
A traditional food in Spain is: potato omelette. 
What is your favourite food?

I Love Ice cream and Cola With Chicken Burger And French Fries

 i love
1. dumen

2.frog hart noddle

 My favourite foods are:

  • Spaghetti
  • Chicken and Chips
  • Lasagne
  • Pizza

I'm from Czech Republic.

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Hi! My name is tra.I'm from viet nam.My favourite food is pizza,chicken.pancake.

I come from Lebanon our traditional meals are:

  • Tabbouleh
  • Shishtaouk
  • Chawarma
  • Moughrabieh
  • Mouhallabieh
  • Moughleh

I like especially the Moughrabieh which is made of chicken, meat, onions, hommos and special round small balls made of bread that are steamed.

I also like the Mouhallabieh which is made of milk, sugar, corn flour, rose and flower spirit.

My favorite food is macarroni . One traditional food in my country is sausage with beans and aioli . I'm from barcelona .