What's your pencil case like? What colour is it? Who chose your pencil case? What's inside? Do you keep your pencil case tidy?

Your Turn: Pencil Case
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 And where do you put your things to write?  

My pencil case is pink with princesses.  I chose my pencil case.  In my pencil case there's a pencil, a rubber, a sharpener, crayons and pens.  It is tidy.

My pencil case is fuzzy and makes a great pillow when I'm sleeping in class
Its rainbow color
My classmate chose it
In it my felt tips, pencils, pens, sparkle gel pens, erasers, sharpeners, accessories and lunch money are kept
Almost everyday my pencil case has pencil shavings in it.
Its not my fault my school cant buy a bin.

 Hi! My pencil case is pink and there is a picture of girl who is dancing. There are :

  • colored pencils
  • five pencils
  • one pen
  • one eraser
  • felt pencils
  • divider

My pencil case is very pretty
It is pink and has 3 pockets . In one of them i keep my colours in the other i keep my calculater and my maths stuff and the the other one has a whiteboard on it which you can write on .
It also has my name sewn to it. My pencil case is very tidy unlike my sisters.

 You have a really, really, really beautiful pencil-case!

hello my name is riya.
my pencil case is very neat and tidy.
the things i keep in it are:
1.5 pencils
5.color pencils
7.a red pen
8.gods photo
i love it very much and its is pink in color.

thank you.

  It is small. It is blue . She is my mother . It is have four pen . Yes , It do .

Hi everyone,
My name is Ngoc. I'm from Viet Nam. My pencil case is yellow. I chose it. I love my pencil case very much. Thank you. Bye Bye.... ^^

Hi, I'm Veronica!
I have a black 3-pocket pencil case with a picture of Animal (from The Muppets) in the lower corner - I love Animal!! I bought it at WHSmith and it's awesome. 
Inside the pencil case, I have:

  • a small calculator
  • a pencil
  • a sharpener
  • 3 pens
  • coloring pencils
  • a rubber
  • a Sharpie
  • and a ruler

I really like my pencil case, and always keep it tidy. I also take care of the stationary inside it - I don't like my things being broken!