What's Kitty doing now? What does she do every day? Do you know how to use the present simple and present continuous? Watch the video and find out!


What are you doing now? What do you do every day? Write a comment and tell us about it!

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I like it.

I like this stories. It's fun. I learned so many thing. 


I wake up morning. I wash my teeth. I dress up.

I wake up and get up at seven o'clock.  I like mornings:) In the morning I can read and write! My parents and brother sleep. At nine I usually do homework. and go to school:)))

 ME TOO!!!

this is very gramarly girl:D :D:D:

I like it!!

Wow,It's so funny!!! I like it very much~~~~

I come from China . My name is kelvin , I am 13 year's old, I'm174 cm'tall, l'm55 kg. Oh, l was very thin!!!   I like do sports , learn theEnglish, go hiking and play computer games. Every  morning ,I go to school on foot,because my home is near the school .I get  up at 7'o clock, I go home at  17'o clock. l like to eat ice--cream,chicken and hamberger. I am very happy to make friends with you~~~~