What's your pencil case like? What colour is it? Who chose your pencil case? What's inside? Do you keep your pencil case tidy?

Your Turn: Pencil Case
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 my pencil case is very beautiful.i like ii very much it has a photo of strawberry shortcake.it is in pink colour.i myself choose my pencil case.i keep pencil,pen,sharpener,eraser,highlighter and scale.i keep my pencil case very tidy because i like it very much and i like to be neat and i want to keep my things neat.

I love my pencil case very much because it is my birthday present given by my father. My father bought the pencil case in London .

 Wow, in London!?! Your pencil-case is awesome!

hello my name is luis
my  pencil case is blue and white
I chose  my pencil case
it has pencils, pens, colours, sharpner and candies
my pencil case is very clean

I Have a yellow  colour pencil box.   There is  a  game on it . There is a cartoon  drawing  on it. I chose that pencil box. it have a pencils,eraser,sharpner,scale,colours, and many things. My pencil box is always clean and tidy.

I have a multicolored Pencil case which is made of steel.My father has chosen it. I used to keep a ruler,an eraser,2 pencils and a micky shape sharpner in my pencil box.I like it very much.So i try to keep it tidy always.

  • My pencil case is rectangle . It very old . On the it , has two anime very cute.Middle the it has a click. 
  • It is pink and white .
  • I choose it at the book shop and my aunt buy it for me .
  • I have a pencil , a pen , a ball pen , an eraser. And it is my color box too.
  • I keep it clean and not broken.
  • I love it very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I hhve lot of many pencil case. My favorite bear  pencil case is many color. pink,white,green.red.....
 last week My friend and me go to the market, and i chose a pencil case.I have pens,ruler,eraser,2 pencils
 and many sharp pencil,3 highlighter,whitner.

my pencil box is very clean and has a very cute drawing of barbie on it.it's colour is yellow .i chose it .it has 2 pencil ,1 pen  ,1 sharpner, 1 eraser ,1 scale ,many colors,1 black sketch pen.my pencil box is always clean and tidy.i like my pencil box very much.

Hello, I'm Iria.
My pencil case is like a rectangle.
It's purple, pink and white... 
I chose my pencil case.
Inside there is
-  Colouring pencils
- A sharpener
- Pens
- A ruler
- A rubber
-  2 pencils
I keep my pencil case tidy because I don't want to lose things.
What do you have in your pencil case?