What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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Hi,  my name is joel I like what you said there. I wish my country did that. I'm from America its pretty boring over here were I live I live in Arizona thats in the United states thw place i wish to live at is in Eroupe. Its called Ireland. Iam half Mexican and the other half American. I need to cut shorts because i need to go in a little bit. Any way im studying About the mighty AZTECS! There pretty crazy people. My favorite subject in school is social studys and siecnce. And I don't know if you know this sport called football. Its fun and you get to knock people down HARD! I love that sport every year we have the most famuse event called the Super Bowl (with the number in roman numaros) every one whatches that game in the U.S. Well not every one. well see ya later.   Cheekyplastic700 : ]

nice story welcome

Hi Cheeky Plastic 700,
Thanks for writing about how you celebrate New Year. It sounds great! 
Bye! Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

My favourite day is my birthday.

My favorite day is Thai new year(Water Festival or SongKran day).
It was very fun!!!!

hi my name is dhanaswi and i am from india and my favourite food is pizza and chiken burger but my favourite traditinal food is samya .... and my birthday is august 18 and i born in india and corrently uk, england , london...

My favorite day is :thursday because  my first lesson is sport then music then two  hour art.
I love sport and art and music(dancing)

Hi Gabriel im Emily with romania you have a beautiful name.Blue Tree90

I love friday beacase wen its saturaday i nomaly go to partys !

I have three favourit days:

  1. Monday-Because I have classes
  2. Wednesday-Because I have swimming class
  3. Friday-Because I have swimming class too