What are your favourite clothes? Who chooses your clothes? How often do you get new clothes? Tell us about your clothes here! 

Your Turn: Clothes
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I am wearing green socks, a brown skirt, a white shirt, and a green tie.

I am wearing a blue top.Billabong is written on it & wearing a pink capri. also wearing a bracelrt of barbie and an hairband

I have green t-shirt, with grafitti ( im not street-smart, im more book-smart, but ok ) and cream bottom with flowers

İ wearing cat t-shirt!İm ayça!!

 Hello♥my name is Aisha i am 9 years old and i am wearing pairs of black balarinas ( I am not sure how to spel  balarinas? ):P:p black legings with a very very very tiny sleaves and a purple,blue and silver big star on it and finaly but not least a hear band and a cople of bracelets.Thank you for reading this and sorry for wrong spelings.bye!!!:)

Hi, I am Nastya!
I am wearing a white long-sleeved T-shirt,black trousers,dark blue shoes. My mum chooses me clothes. I get new clothes every month.

 today im wearing a black frock with diamonds on the neck

Hello ! my name is minhyen . i'm 8 yeas old . I am wearing a shirt and trousers . I am wearing a coot and socks .

hi, today i'm wearing my PJS all day because 'im ill     :(

hi, I'm Lauranne and I live in Belgium (:

I am wearing a pair of red trousers and a verry hot vest.
I am wearing also a dark bleu t-shirt, I am wearing trainers too.

I have an exam Englisch tomorrow and I have to study all my vocabulairy.
I hope that the exam is verry easy (:

kind regards.