Diwali is this boy's favourite time of year. How does he celebrate? Watch and find out!

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This boy's favourite celebration is Diwali. What's your favourite time of year? Tell us about it!

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hi i like diwali because i like fire works

i love diwali

i like diwali i also like holi and durga puja.

 i like this

i like this

TOOOO SHORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes its toooo short!!!!!!!

diwali is my favouite festival  i am a hindu

Hi ,my favourite festival is Easter.
where do you go?
At the Easter egg find .
What  do you do?
You go find Easter eggs .
Do you give presents ?
Yes ,Easter eggs .
Do you eat special food ?
no .

What's your favourite day?
Carnaval is my favourite day here  in Ecuador.

Where do you go? 
I go to the beach and I  have fun.

Do you eat special food?
I eat a food very delicious like sweetmeats..

What happens on the day?
People have fun  at the beach.

 What do you do?
I go to bathe at the beach..

Do you wear special clothes?
Yes, I do.

Do you give presents?
yes, I do. I give presents to my friends (:

Do you decorate your house?
No, I don't..