Practise musical instrument words with this song about an orchestra.

Song developed by Cambridge English Online


Can you play a musical instrument? Which instrument would you like to learn to play?

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I can play piano

Im from hungary who can speak hungary? It was funny. I playing on a violin and this is very beautiful! Im not good in english XD

i can be a good composer !


This song is great! I can learn more vocabularies.

i like that orchestra :)

Hello ,I really like the PIANO ! ! ! !

 It is so boring .It is for kids that are 5 years old and i am 12,I DON T LIKE IT   bye from $ARA

Dear RedGoldfishTornado,

Have you tried some of our other songs which are for children a bit older? The Chocolate cake song is one of my favourites

Why don't you tell us what songs you find that you like?

LearnEnglish Kids team