One day Little Red Riding Hood goes to visit her granny. Who will she meet in the wood? Watch and find out!

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Little Red Riding Hood goes to visit her granny. Do you go to visit your grandparents or other members of your family? Tell us about them!

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I think it was different and it was really funny.

good story, cool. Lucky gran come out of wolf but real life - not true

 thanks it's very well

I want Cendrella story

it's so cool!

it's so cool. What a funny story. We love our granny!

cool story ,l did a play on this story when l was in year one and did a role of little red ridng hood !!!!!!

very interesting it's better to tell to my littel sister because she gets scared when i tell her :that the wolf eats the little red riding hood . well,it's scary some how for 5years old child

 Their names are Ica(my grandma) and Puiu(my grandpa).I call my granny so, 'cause "Bunica" means grandmother in Romanian, so bunICA .They're both my father's parents.
They don't look that old, and they have nice, kind faces! They are everytime very worried about our safety and about what I and my sister eat. Ica cooks gorgerous food and Puiu gets us every time in the park, and buys us sweets.
My grandpa was an arhitect, and my granny was a chemist. I see them sometimes in the week-end, they live in the same city as me but their house is not that close to ours!