Where's Kitty going on holiday? Do you know how to use the present continuous for future arrangements? Watch the video and find out!


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hi do you love this i do

I love it !!

LadyFolkAlbatross and I like it.

This is my favourite video.I like this.

All Gramma Videos are usefull, interesting and cool!!!

I like the video. Kitty's family are coming to Indonesia for holiday and they have celebrated Christmas in Bali. And they hope they are staying there until New Year's Eve.

Dear MissInternetEarth, LadyNutkinSnowdrop.
Oh thank you very much!
You have been helpful.
Now I see what they are talking about. 

And now this is my example:
I am  having a Christmas party on Saturday. 
I am going to invite my best friend to my place.

Merry Christmas to you!
Enjoy yourserlves!


Hi LadyYellow5,
Well done for your sentences!
A Merry Christmas to you too.

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