Practise days of the week with this song about a monster.

Lyrics © Dave Holmes | Music and animation by Cambridge English Online


Do you like pizza and chips? What's your favourite food?

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I  like pizza!
I  like chips!

haha this song isfunny and I love pizza and chips

yummy!!! pizza and chips!!!!! th's food is verry verry........!!!!! yummy!!!!!!


hi ladyrock7 , don't you like pizzas

is very cool!!!

I like this song

It´s very funny. I love it

MY FAVOURITE PIZZA IS SPECIAL ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My favorite pizza is : Delicio
  1. It is with: ketchup,ham,mushrooms and peppers.
  2. I like pizza!
  3. I like chips ,too!
  4. I like this song ,but the monster is repeat the same words!