October 31 is Halloween. Do you celebrate Halloween where you live? If so, what do you do? If not, what do you know about this spooky day? Happy Halloween! 

Your Turn: Halloween
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hi! I live in Belgium.

In my pencil case there is one pen and two erasers.
there is also a ruler and 3 markers.
in my pencil case there isn't a pencil but there is a ballpointpen.

Kind regards,,..

Halloween is a very special day...I remember that a friend of mine told me a story about Halloween,so i'm gonna tell you...:it was Halloween day,a small boy named Tom was in th forest of "Machabee".he heard a strange noise,so he ran to look for help.he saw a small lake .he come closer to see how beautiful the lake was.All of a sudden ,a monster came out of the lake.Tom was astonished.the monster was quite giant and it was .......green.it was staring at Tom ,after some minutes,it said"Humans are not allowed to come in that forest!!!This forest shelter different monsters and they are all very frightening,you must go NOW!"Tom did what he was told ,but on his way ,he found another boy,the latter was very strange."who are you?"asked Tom."HAHAHAHAHA!I'm a vampire!"

I will tell you the next next time ,so goodbye

 It's a very good story :))))))

Great story FabulousBamboo8! I'm looking forward to reading the next part.

LearnEnglish Kids team 

I love hallwoon am nmot ganna stop trick retreating I love hallween hahaha love it

In our country we celebrate halloween. I like halloween because I get lots of candies. Children go with their parents from house to house or to malls singing a halloween song. I like to wear costumes. We also celebrate it in the school. We have a lot of fun on halloween.

I had 20 children coming to our house

i like halloween

i like hallowen day