What are your favourite clothes? Who chooses your clothes? How often do you get new clothes? Tell us about your clothes here! 

Your Turn: Clothes
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I am wearing a blue t-shirt and trousers right know. I don't like wearing shirts.

 I welcome Dado from Algeria I love the color pink and I am today Wear a jacket and trousers in the color of roses, often designing costumes myself and chose What I like from my cell and Clothing

Hello, I am Simone , I'm italiian, I'm wearing a pyjamas and crocs.

hello  !  i  am   new  student    from  greece   .i am wearing  pyjamas.they are grey  with  purple  roses

I'm wearing grey shirt and jeans. I choose my clothes. I get new clothes every mounth. I love shopping!!!

I am wearing a red t-shirt,short jeans,white socks and underweare.

Well.. I wear black jeans, military boots, white dress shirt, black necktie and underwear :)


today i'm wearing a blue shirt and a blue pants

I pans blue and shisr blue                                                                                                        

yellow my name is angel