Listen to a song about things we can do to help to save the planet.

Lyrics by Carolyne Ardron | Animation and song developed by Cambridge English Online


Do you do the things in the song to help the environment? What else can we do?

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 i love this

Hello Miss Jo. Long time i don't asking you my question, i have a lot of question. My young brother like your picture, is too simple! Why you don't make a color picture? is fun!
   Nice to meet you, Miss Jo. I think you still young. Because you always have a young user name...(Miss.....)
   So...good bye. Wishing you have a happy and successful year!

Hi LadyVioeletTune,
It's good to hear from you again! Your picture is great - I really like pandas, and you?
I also wish you and your brother a very happy year in 2013.

LearnEnglish Kids team

i miss you a lot! Nice to meet you again. I hope to see you all the time!!!

wo....! My name's Thanh Thao.Nice to meet you miss Jo.   

Nice to meet you too Thanh Thao! 

Funny song.I love thí song best...! Wher are you MissInternetEarth..? Can you hear me..?

Hi LadyVioletTune,
I agree - it's a fun song with an important message about the environment!

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thank you MissInternetEarth.Can I know your true name...?

Hi LadyVioleltTune,
My real name is Jo. In fact lots of the people who work on this website are called Jo!

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