Who does the cooking in your home? Do you like cooking? What types of things do you make?

Your Turn: Cooking
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Hiya drinkingfirescience, Potatoes are not  healthy all the time, if you eat to much it might make you phiscally ill

 Hello  I am  Nimu. I am from Bangladesh .  I like cooking. I like to cook  pizza, egg, chips , salad. I like  pizza. 

  1.  In my home my mother cook's food.
  2. Yes I like cooking.
  3. I make things like noodles and sandwich.

 Who does the cooking in your home?
My father and my mother usually cooks.
Do you like cooking?
Yes,I do.
What type of things do you make?
I always cook pancakes and I cook them in every Saturday beacuse in my family,Saturday is "The pancakes' day".My mother teaches me how to cook.I also can bake lots of cakes.

My mum cooks for me. I like to cook eggs.

I can make: pizza, egg, omellete, burger, sandwich, noodle,...
I love cooking!!!
Warning: one people souldn't eat beacuse if anyone else has faint, the person who doesn't eat my food will call an ambulance to everyone else in to the hospital!!!!!!!

my mother and grand mother is cook very delicous

In my home my mother cooks.Some times I cook with her.

III hhh aaa ttt eee ccc ooo ooo kkk iii nnn ggg = I hate cooking

yes i like