Which languages do you speak? Which languages do you speak at home and at school? Which language do you read in? Which language do you watch TV or films in? Which language do you dream in?

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Hi,I'm from Tunisia. Tunisia and Algeria muches very much. I can speak Arabic and French fluently. But I know the essentials of English. We share the same place,the same languages,the same tradition and the same hopes.I hope that after some years I'll be able to speak German and Espanish. I wish that I go to Japan one day.

 hi every one
Which languages do you speak?
i speak arabic english and french and some how germany 
Which languages do you speak at home and at school?
 at home and at school i speak in arabic and french and english
Which language do you read in?
i read all languages that i mention in question number 2 
Which language do you watch TV or films in?
Always these languages
Which language do you dream in?
i dream in algeria

I speak Montenegrian, English and Italian. At school and at home I speak Montenegrian. I read Montenegrian, English and Italian. I watch TV in English. My favourite language is English. Montenegrian is not bad, but Italian is borning

I am Sri Lankan, so I speak mostly Sinhala, at home and at school (although now we don't have sinhala as a subject). I also speak english, at home and in school. I learn french as a school subject . As my friend is hindu, I know a few tamil words as well. I can read and write sinhala,english and french well.

My name is ceylin.I am beatiful lovely and slim girl.I speak turkısh englısh .I am  very clever. 


  1. I am from india so I speak hindi.
  2. I speak hindi at home but english at school.
  3. I read english language.
  4. I watch hindi TV programes and hindi movies.
  5. I dream in hindi.

Hi, I am from Vietnam, I speak Vietnamese. I have learned English for 8 years but I can' t speak English well. Please help me

Hi PrinceScientistBeach,
You have written your comment in very good English! Keep practising and I'm sure you'll speak English really well.
Have fun on the website!

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hi.i m from pakistan.
so we are urdu speakers.
at schools we are taught with english amd urdu.
we wathch fims of both english n urdu.
n i dream in urdu.* .... *

i  am  8 years old.My brother zain  is 6 years .
I  live in  pakistan.i  speak urdu and  punjabi  in  home.i speak urdu and english in school.
i dream  in  urdu  language but  i dream to dream in  english