Which languages do you speak? Which languages do you speak at home and at school? Which language do you read in? Which language do you watch TV or films in? Which language do you dream in?

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I speak Croatian, English (US and UK),... and... some languages i don't know!-)

I speak
At School we learn

 Do you know the klingon language?

No! I don't know klingon

...no way, but i, when i am so small, i have ''my'' language like ''kktkzjrjihjgnrk'' :-D

I know the klingon language, from Star Trek, english, romanian, french, italian, german.

My name is Alyssa
I speak Hindi,English,Marvadi
I want to learn french,spanish and chinies.

My name is Harini. I would speak

  • English [allmost all the time]
  • Tamil [quite good]
  • Hindi [a little]

I speak Arabic,Swedish and English and my dream language is spanish. At home I speak Arabic and in school I speak English and Swedish but most English. I read in Swedish and English. When I watch tv they speak Arabic,English or Swedish.

 I'm Lam, from Vietnam. I can speak:
- Vietnamesse
- English
- French (some words)
- Chinesse (a little)
- Japanesse (little bit)