Listen to a traditional song about a spider called Incy Wincy. 

Animation by Cambridge English Online


Do you like this song? Are you afraid of spiders?

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i dont like spiders

i have heard this song

i love this song, it is sooooooo AWESOME!!!!

wow cool

Song is don't like

I am not afraid of spiders because there are not many poisonous spiders in my country, but there are a few. But even so I hate spiders. Once we went to a hotel and there was a jungle behind the verandah. There was a frog in the bathroom & so many BIG SPIDERS! And once there was a dead spider in my bathroom. And a spider had made its web in our bathroom too. The scariest spider I ever saw was brown with orange stripes all over it. It was in the hotel only.
Miss Angel Violin

 I´like the Incy Wincy spider song,and I've write.

Probably one of my favorite nursery rhymes!!! So, so, so cute! (: My baby brother likes to wave back at the spider at the very end! <3

I heard it in my class eny ways one of the kids in my class said that this is a baby song btw my teacher loves spiders.