Do you like fruit? What's your favourite fruit? How many pieces of fruit do you eat every day?

Your Turn: Fruit
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In holland we eat steamedpear. I love steamed pear. And i love fruit dates i told in my class about it.

 I like:
- waterlemon
- apple
- cherry

 I love peach apricot banana cherry strawberry kiwi manga orange cantaloupe, pineapple pomegranates, grapes, berries coconut apple and I eat a lot of fruit per day because it gives me strength and activity which is rich in vitamins

My name is Amalia.I like bananas,strawberies,raspberryes,watermelon and peach. 

Hi everyone i like watermelons, grapes and durians. In Malaysia, durian is King of the Fruits. Even the smell is bad but the taste is really good. Dont eat too much durians or you'll feel hot / sick. Did you know that fruits can help us digest all food that we eaten? 

My best fruit is paech and appel

i love fruits.
my favourite fruit is peach,
i eat a lot of fruit though i am very slim.

Yes,I Like fruit.My favorite fruit is:

  • Banana
  • Water lemon
  • jack

 You like jackfruits and watermelons? My little brother like those too! 

I like grapes,watermelons.