What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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Hi, my name is Hieu, I am Vietnamese. My favorite day is my birthday - 4th January. On this day I usually invite my cousins and my friends to my house. We have a fun party. My grandmother and my mother cook tasty food and buy for me a birthday cake. We sing a song “Happy birthday to you” and blow the candles. Then we eat cake, candies, fruit, drink Coca-cola and play interesting games. I get many presents. This year my grandparents gave me a new bike. My parents presented me new clothes. My best friend gave me a toy which plays music. On my birthday I feel very happy. Thanks everyone.

Hieu from Vietnam

My name is Fiona. I'm 9. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My favourite day is Christmas Eve. I visit my cousin in Uruguay. Her name is Nicole, she's 12 I love Christmas because at night I can play computer games with her and I can be with my 15 dogs and my 5 cats.

Fiona from Argentina

Hi fiona I am from buenos aires too!! I'm living in cordoba.

My name is Bartek. I'm ten years old. I live in Poland. My favourite day is Christmas. During Christmas I visit my grandma with parents & my younger brother and sister. We break down with wafer and than we start to eat. First we drink stewed fruits made of plums. Than we eat a carp, pierogi (dumplings),.borsch & cakes. We sing carols. At midnight we go to a church for a midnight mass. All day is so interesting that's why I like Christmas. It's fun!

Bartek from Poland

My name is Gordon. I am from Hong Kong. My favourite day is summer holiday. It is from July to August. I like it because I do not need to go to school. I play TV games at home. I eat a lot of ice-cream in summer holiday. I go swimming and go hiking with my father in summer holiday.
I feel very happy.

Gordon from Hong Kong

I am Jeanna. I am 10 years old. I come from Hong Kong. My favourite festival is Mid-Autumn Festival. We go to aunt’s home to eat mooncake and play lanterns. I play lanterns with my cousins at aunt’s home. After playing lanterns, we go to see the full moon. At last, we share the food with my family. I feel happy on that day.

Jeanna from Hong Kong

My name is Y.T. Chan. I am 11 years old. I come from Hong Kong. My favourite day is Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is in January. It is holidays to go to China to visit family and eat Chinese food. I like eating rice dumplings and watermelon seeds. My family gives red packets to me. My friends give cards to me. I feel happy. My family cleans home. Next, we go shopping to buy a lot of lovely clothes and firework. I feel happy. I want every day is like Chinese New Year.

Y.T. Chan from Hong Kong

I am Eddie, I am 10 years old, I come from Hong Kong. My favourite day is Christmas. Every Christmas, we have a party in school, we eat food, play games and sing songs. I like the jelly specially! Jelly is not the only food, there are cakes and a lot of potato chips, too! In the party, we can exchange the presents too. In 2008, I have got a Gundom model.. I feel interested.

Eddie from Hong Kong

I am Sam. I am seven years old. My favourite day is Christmas. On Christmas day, I play TV game. I go to Macau and I play slide.

I do not eat my favourite food - chocolate. I do not wear my green favourite clothes.

Sam from Hong Kong

Hi, my name is Rayson, I am eleven years old. My favourite day is summer holidays in July. Last summer holiday, I went camping with my friend Edwin. We went camping in Sai Kung. We went to the park and played the ball game. I like eating all the food, for example, duck, chips, beef…My favourite food is chicken.

Rayson from Hong Kong