How much do you know about music? Play this game to see how well the animal band plays.

Game developed by Cambridge English Online


Tell us about music.

Do you play an instrument?

What's you favourite type of music?

What's you favourite band or singer?

Do like singing and dancing?


Do you or your child need more help with your English?
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 oh its verry good game :D

that was easy!! i like it !!!
I play the cello and my sister plays the violin... i love the music, it's too cool. I like the classical music,  the rock, and a  little bit  of all the types of genres...but i don't like regaeton.

not too hard!!!!!!!!

funy! I love it

You can click some anwsers multitimes.So you can have more then 10 Points!!!

10/10 it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I like it too!
  • 10/10!I'm awesome!

I can talk very good in English .  I can proove I can talk good in English .  I am using a voice controled program.i was using it in first part of this.

I got 10/10 in this game and I didnt did any mistake.

 ^_^* cool way to go for me and my student Cindy girl! kkkkk ^-^