October 31 is Halloween. Do you celebrate Halloween where you live? If so, what do you do? If not, what do you know about this spooky day? Happy Halloween! 

Your Turn: Halloween
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I'm a muslim  , in our country We don't celebrate Halloween day  :(  I like it     , i want to celebrate it but i can't  :(
I live in kurdistan our culture doesn't let it . 

we don't celebrate halloween in our country, but we celebrated in our school.I dressed a scary costumes .                     
I don't celebrate halloween in Egypt but i have  other feasts . I know in the other countrys they go house to house and get candies and they wear scary costumes .

i like haloween but i live in slovenia there halooween isn't so fun

happy HALLOWWEEN ppl  itis awsome!!!!!!!!

Thank you

Im from palestine we dont celebrate hallowen beacause Im muslim but i think it's fun but we celebrate other things like : Ramadan , Our eid ....

Hi. İ live in turkey we arent celebrate halloween but i think this is very  interesting We are celebrate ramadan because we are muslim.ramadan is very important in my country.this is a great holiday.we are eat lots of candy and gives us the feast of family allowances''bayram harçlığı''.the ramadan lasts 3 days .

I live in the UK and I love Halloween! We go trick or treating at every house in scary costumes and we get lots of sweets. We sometimes get money if we are lucky.

I´m like Halloween to.
I live in Spain in Villanueva de la Cañada
next to the supermarket.
In halloween I go house to house
saying trick or trate.
It was very fun. I like very much halloween.