Which languages do you speak? Which languages do you speak at home and at school? Which language do you read in? Which language do you watch TV or films in? Which language do you dream in?

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Hello my name is Amandini.
I live in Spain in Madrid.
I speak spanish.
I lisen allways spanish and sometimes
I like very much english.

hi i am bee who i live in england aka u.s.a i speck  engilsh

Hello everybody :)
i speak Arabic all the time and i often speak English and French
i speak Arabic at home and something speak English at school
i read Arabic and English very well

i speak arabic too
i went speak with you

Hi! I'm form Australia and I want to go to U.S.A or London. I speak Engish and Spanish very good. I want make friends to practise my Spanish and help other persons speak English. So add me please =)

Hello, I live in Costa Rica, I am learning english, but I speak just a little bit. I hope to learn more every day for chare with all of you.

I speak Hungarian, Romanian, English and German.
At home I speak Hungarian, but at school I speak all four languages.
I read in all four languages, but mostly in Hungarian.
I watch watch TV or films in all languages except German.
I dream in Hungarian. 
Bye for now!

Hello guys!!!!
I'm from Poland very small and poor country.I'm live in Częstochowa.I learn two languages German and English at school  but my teachers can't teach us.I know that languages are very important especially English ,of course.I'll learn French at school and I have question Is it a difficult language?
I wait for answer pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Hello !
I want to answer to your question. 
I life in Canada (Québèc) so I  speak french.
I no that it ise all ways difficult to learn a new langage.
Bath I think that french is not a langage that is very difficult.
The grammatic is not easy and the ortography nieder,bath to  speak is easy.
I read very match,so its easy for me.
I think:If you are abble to speak  English and German and polish you gonner by able to learn also french!

Hello!My name is Theodora.I'm from Romania.I speak and write english and romanian.I'm speaking  romanian at home. English speak at school.