Which languages do you speak? Which languages do you speak at home and at school? Which language do you read in? Which language do you watch TV or films in? Which language do you dream in?

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Hello my name is Lucia I live in Argentina.
At school I speak:
But I now some wods:
Okey!! I love us by by!

Hello my name is GREENMUSIC700 I live in algirai.
At school Ispeak
But I now some wods :
okey !! Ilove us by by

I speak Chinese at home and in school.I study Chinese, English and Malay in school.

Hello everyone. I from Vietnam.
I speak and write Vietnamese.
I learning  English
Can you help me about English

we  live in bali n we speak indonesia, balinese & sumtimes english.

I speak English at home and Italian at school. I live in Italy I am 7.

I can speak Vietnamese, English and Spanish. At home and at school I speak English and Vietnamese. I can't read English very well but hope I can

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