Spycat travels round the world looking for the evil Ratty. Will he catch him? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


Spycat visits lots of places. Where would you like to visit? Tell us about it!

Average: 4.1 (991 votes)


It's really good. I, myself want to be a spy

Wow it's very misterius !

this story has lots of clues and it was difficult for me! 

It was a fantastic story and it's my favourite.

I like story

what is the passaword

I love the clues. I wish I could be the one going to Ratty's cave

It is good, but I can't understand it very much.

spycat is beautiful cat

dear GoldCat600 .................
Hi........... I also agree Spy cat is a beautiful one!!!!!!!!