What chores do you help with at home? Which chores do you like doing? Are there any chores that you don't like doing? Which chores are easy?


Your Turn: Chores
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I like cooking and I don't like clean the house

My house is very clean because I like chores.

very good

 I do  the dishes and do the chores of sweeping

I do the dishes, I take care of the dog and etc. i think sweep the easier chore.

I do some chores ,but i don't like too much! But I have ato help my mother! I like helping my mother.

i like to watch tv and see film or music video .
i always work by computer.
i often read books.
i don't like get up every morning at 6 o'clock.
i like sleep very much.
i don't like cooking.
i don't like clean  rooms.
i help to repair electronic machines.
i don't like to clean dishes.

I lay and clear the table.
I tidy up my bedroom.
I produce orange juice

How are you?
I like to help my mother and ilike cook.

 I like to cook and help my mother on cleaning
I  help my mother on cleaning