What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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hi   I   am   Rami,  I  am   from  Italy. My  favourite  season is winter  because I like the  snow. I look for friends who can  tell me what's their favourite season.

Hello! I am Nicole. I live in Hongkong. I am 4 years old.

My name is Tommy. I am from Hong Kong. I am 11 years old. I like running and watching TV. My favorite food is bananas. My favorite day  is Chirstmas. It is on the twenty- fifth of December. At Christmas, I get more presents and give presents to my friends.

My favorite  day is Christmas. I enjoy celebrating with my family and have lots of presents.

I love christmas. Would you like to be my friend on this please?

Hello , we are Joan and Marta. We are from Catalonia, Spain. We are 8 years old. Our favorite day is New Year’s Eve. We eat 12 grapes and light fireworks. We dance and sing songs with our family and friends. We decorate  the house

With lights and we have very fun. We go to bed very late. Bye bye.

Hello. I am Billy from Guangzhou, China. I am 9 years old. My favorite day is the Children's Day because I can go out to play and I can get some presents.  Last Children's day, my family went to the park in the morning. We had lunch in an expensive restaurant. Then we went to the Children's park in the afternoon. I had a lot of fun there. We went to the cinema in the evening. We watched a Chinese film. My dad bought me a bicycle. It was a blue one. I like it very much. I was very happy. I hope I can go to the Disneyland Park in Hong Kong in this year's Children’s Day.

Hai I am Bhagya,
I like chritmas. I enjoy that day with my friends.

Hi,i'm Marina and I'm from argentina I'm 10 years old and love this web site is great! I love the games here,they are great!

Hello, I'm Anne. I'm eleven years old. I'm from Spain and my favourite day is Christmas day.I love this web! Kisses!!!!!!!