What chores do you help with at home? Which chores do you like doing? Are there any chores that you don't like doing? Which chores are easy?


Your Turn: Chores
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I   always  clean my room  my mums  room  and  kitchen  my family  ( members of  family)  says  nia  thenk  you    you  are  good  girl   love  youuuuuuuuuu

I help mom clean floor, bathroom and kitchen. I help dad cooking. I like help dad cooking.There is not chorse that I do not like to do. Helping mom clean is easier than others.

I always clean my bedroom and my workroom.I think these chores are easy.

Hi everybody! 
My chores are to:

  • Tidy up my bedroom
  • Tidy up after my pets
  • Tidy up the horses' stables (sometimes with help from my parents)
  • Giving food and drink to horses (and pets)
  • Help to cook
  • Help out in the kitchen

I really enjoy doing anything to do with pets. My room doesn't really get messy but if it does, I tidy it up immediately. It isn't difficult. I don't dislike any of those chores. They are fun. For example, if I have to tidy up the stables, it is very fun because horses are everything for me and I don't mind what I have to do with them. I like cooking because everytime I cook with mom, I learn something new. :) My chores are very fun.
-Veronica, 10, UK.

I clean my bathroom. i tidy my bedroom and much more

 my chores are washing the dishes and sorting the laundry

in my opinion cooking and clean the window is very difficult but orepare the table is so easy.

I agree with you!

i help to clean the garden at home. i like sweeping the garden. there is no chore i dislike doing. all chores are easy for me.