Who does the cooking in your home? Do you like cooking? What types of things do you make?

Your Turn: Cooking
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ı like risotto

My dad is a chef so he normally cooks lots a delicious meals and my mum sometimes cooks asain dishes too.My favourite dinner food is tacos my favourite lunch is cheese puffs and my favourite breakfast is poached eggs with bacon. What's your favourite meal?

Hello!DJTunePolo.I'm from Japan.How old are you?

I can bake  cookies. I and my brother love love love love cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you like cookies?

I like cooking bread with eggs.And i like cooking! 

i love cooking

 I can bake marble cake.

Usully, my mum cooks.

 My grandmother does the cooking in my home. My grandmother can cook very well.
Yes, I like cooking. I sometimes help my grandmother. And I like eating, too!!
I can cook:
-        gnocchi al ragù
-        pizza
-        chicken
-        vegetables (potatoes)
-        tiramisù