A witch is making a magic spell. She's putting some strange things in her pot! Can you colour the five scary animals in this picture?


How to play: 

Read or listen to the instructions. Click on a colour to select it, and then click on the object to colour it.

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This Game is too easy for me

very easyyyyy

This games is too easy for my

All games here are very easy for me


Everything is very simple for me, want something harder! :D

Hi, Why don't you try some of the games in the 'Speak and Spell' - Tricky words section http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/tricky-words some of those games are quite hard.  There are lots of quite difficult quizzes like this one: http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/play-with-friends/animal-records or writing games like this: http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/word-games/make-the-sentences/describing-people
Check them out and tell us what you think.
Best Wishes
Lady Topaz Snowdrop
LearnEnglishKids Team

I love painting things!!!!!

good,good,good,good,good,good gne gne gne