Do you like fruit? What's your favourite fruit? How many pieces of fruit do you eat every day?

Your Turn: Fruit
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I love fruit very much ,my favourite is strawberry

I like fruits my favourite fruits is banana and strawberry. But ı dont like orange and apple :)

i love fruit. My favorite fruit is strawberry, carrot..

I like fruit! My favorite fruit is apple! I eat banana apple and mandarin every day!

 I em  Nia  like  apples   bananas  grapes  but  my  favorite  fruite  is  orangeeeeee

My favourite fruit is blueberry because they are sweet and yummy!
I hope you will like my writing.

I am Dat from Binh Chanh Viet Nam. I like fruit very much. My favorite fruit is strawberies. Do you like it?

we are Dat, Tram, Btram, Mai, Khanh and Thang in Viet Nam.  We like fruit very much.
We like Guavas, Stawberries, Oranges and Kiwis. We eat bananas every day at English class.
My teacher help us to post this comment

i love this fruit

  • banana
  • apple
  • strawberry
  • pear
  • sinasapple
  • raspberry

i loooove fruit!  my faviurite fruit is : banana, orange ,strawberry, lemon , apple and pear.
i like verry much peach!