Listen to a song about a naughty turkey called Trouble.

Song and animation by Cambridge English Online


Do you have a pet? Does it ever do naughty things? 

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 This song is very long, but I very like it.

 these song is very long but I like it

i am searching for christmas songs 

hello miss Allamand how are you
I merry christmas and happy new year 2012

I like this song. 

İ dont like killing animals.When an animal kills ım cry.İm from yurkey and my uncle was kill a sheep.İ was very cry...İt name was furry...POOR FURRY !!!

I like it very much.I like the melody & the words. The turkey is so funny. I like to listen to it many  times a day! 

I'm from Brazil, and here is very commom eat turkey in Christmas Day.
This turkey is same a trouble!!

 I like the turkey song.It´s fun when trouble eat the mince pies.the poor trouble was´nt roast.