What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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can i be your penfriend "green internet skates?I am from Egypt.

Hello!I am Dr.X-Ray Neptune.I LIKE this.

 monday and wednesday

Hello!My favourite day is Friday.


 My favourite days are Saturday and Thursday,because on Thursday i have got 4 lessons and on Saturday i go for a walk with my friends and i go shopping with my mum)))*

hello, my name is Danily,i am 12 years old and my favorite day is sunday because my family and me go to park.

Hello my name is Danily, i from Colombia, i am 12 yers old and i am happy because i am learning english. bye

 Hello, I'm Veronica from UK. My favourite day is Saturday and Sunday because me and my family travel at Saturday and Sunday!

 Hello James, Janis and Evan.
This is Mike from Russia - pleased to speak to you again.
My favourite day is Friday because on Friday I do not do my homework.