What are your favourite clothes? Who chooses your clothes? How often do you get new clothes? Tell us about your clothes here! 

Your Turn: Clothes
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Hi,I have blue jeans, I have white socks, I have red T-Shirt.
Bye.Frédéric 5°E

Hi.My name is Iris. I am wearing a stripped grey and black blouse, jeans and boots . I couldn't forget my purple jumper.It's cold in Korca, Albania

hi! my name is DAMLA. PİNK T-SHİRT and jeans

I have white jumper ,blue jeans ,white sock and blue shoes   
                                              bye , Amélie 5eE

hello! I am océane ,today i wear blue jeans ,black and gold sneakers , blue socks ,a  black scarf ,a grey cardigan and a blue and red ring.

Hi, i wearing a blue jeans and pink t-shirt with grey shoes.

My name is Anastasia. Today, i have blue jeans, i have white jumper, i have white socks and white thraings.

I am Miss Hubert.
Today, I have jeans, an orange T-shirt with a purple jumper. I have green socks and blue trainers.
And I have a scarf too!
ByeBye, 4D 

Hello,my name is Sude.I live in İstanbul.I'm wearing blue t-shirt. And I'm wearing white tight and white socks.
Good by.

 hi i am mohamed  i wearing  t-shirt dark blue and jeans trousers