How many teeth have you lost? In Britain the tooth fairy takes your tooth away and leaves a coin. Is there a tooth fairy in your country? Remember, we say one tooth and two teeth!

Your Turn: Teeth
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Hi everyone!

I'm nine and till now I lost about 15 teeth. Every time I lose a tooth, a tooth fairy gives me a lot of money!  I think that I can get rich with this nice lady! When I lose a tooth in Italy I receive much more money than when it happens in Croatia: unbelievable, isn't it?


Does the tooth fairy really exist !?

i lost my teeth  i get my prsess yay !!!!!!!!!

I have new growed up teeth. I have about 5 teeth falling out

I lost ten teeth.I brush my teeth every day.We have in Romania a tooth fairy legend.The tooth fairy takes our tooth and puts under the pillow money.

All my teeth have been changed. Well, my last eight teeth pulled by the dentist. That hurt!

I have lost 10 teeth :) I love my teeth :) There is tooth fairy legend in Turkey. But I don't believe that. I am cleaning these with brush. 

is vergood!!
it vergood!!!!!!11

 I have lost 2 teeth  and I put my teeth under my pillow and we have money and I want to buy something to eat with my money.