Spycat travels round the world looking for the evil Ratty. Will he catch him? Watch and find out!

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Spycat visits lots of places. Where would you like to visit? Tell us about it!

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i from slovakia  and i 4/2003 and i eyt heló

this is good story and funny

 spycat is jamesbond

Good story very interesting.I want become a spy

  1. I come from vietnam
  2. I was born in 06/2003
  3. I was just a member for 10 minutes.


  1. go to egypt
  2. go to hong kong
  3. go to london
  4. ratty is in his cave

miss angel forever: "did you find the spy cat's code???????

The Story is funny


  1. I can't find spycat's codes.
  2. Cats are my favourite animals.
  3. Cats are clever than rats
  4. I like the sound of ratties vires
  5. I like ratties vires' picture
  6. I like ratties vires' buttons
  7. ratty is bad
  8. spycat is good
  9. I don't like rats very much
  10. I like this story