Do you play a musical instrument? If so, what do you play? What sort of music do you like listening to? 

Your Turn: Music
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I like black eyed peas and enrique ingleas and pitbull

 my favorite music is twinkle twinkle little star and This Old Man and baby baluga. my favorite instrument is guitar  and super guitar   

i'm guitar and flute player

My favorite song is Price Tag and On the floor. I like This time of africa.

I can't understand just one thing. Why do the creators of this site think that someone who isn't older than 13 will write rude (well,the boys who made me quit my last school actually don't count)?


Thanks for your question. This site is for children aged 13 and under. It's a safe site for kids. We hope that nobody will be rude on our site! ;)

Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

I love listening to rock and metal. I love a bit the rap music and a bit the pop one. But I don't play any musical instrument. I prefer writing stories and poems.

Ilove music .contry music.Ilove taler sw .Idont  likejustan and Ilove rock music
laila mukhtar

Hello.I play the piano very well.and i have two favorite  rock bands,the (fit for rivals) and (skillet). And my favorite kind of music is (pop,R&B,rap) but the most that  I listen to is pop music like (Bruno mars),(avril lavigne).

hi,i love rock and rap music.
i like the drums and the electric gutiar.