What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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 my favorite day is saturday because i travel every saturday!!!!!!!!!


My best day is buddhist new year day

my favourite day is .............. day
who knowswhat is ..?????????
i will give him billion dollars ^___^

My favourite day is Wednesday because I paint ,watch TV and go for a walk.

Hallo! My name is Hesina! My Favorite day is Friday as my birthday is on friday and it's the last day in the school!!!

your birthday will not be on friday every year

Hello! My name is Duyen. I come from Vietnam.
My favorite day is Sunday. In this day, I can play computer, read books and comic, watch TV, play musiccal instrument... and do every thing I want to do. I don't need to study or do my homework. I like Sunday because it is my own day. No ones can tell me do anything I don't like. In the evening, I usually go out with my family or my friend to eat something or play in the amusement park. Those are my reason about why do I like Sunday?
I hope to be friend of everybody in here.

My name is Abida
I am from India
My favorite day of week is Friday
Because i rest in my house,
I go to the swiminng pool and
I go to the park

 MY favorite day is friday. I want this day because I love to school too. In the afternoon there are great things to do, like art and games. And in the evening I eating snacks and watching TV. And its the last day at school every week!