Have you got a favourite T-shirt? What does it look like? Did you choose it or did someone give it to you? Is it old or new? Tell us about your favourite T-shirt.

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I have my favorite T-shirt. It is pink and has picture like newspaper. I chose it myself. It is new. 

I have a blue T-shirt .it is new.i like it and i wear it now.its a gift from my mother

me to
i also have a t shirt

My favourite T-shirt is pink. It's new and I chose it myself

I have a favourite T-shirt.
 It is black and a kitten with a hat. The kitten looks like my cat. My cat 's name is Minouche. He is 2 and a half.
I want a T-shirt with 3 kittens and another with a wolf. I love kittens.
Yes, I choose it. It is old.

I love France.
Dear JadeBluebellBat,
I love to have a t-shirt like yours.

I have a favorite T-shirt,it is white and pink and soft.
It has painted a fairy with her pet.
It´s beautiful!
If you had one, you would  love it.
I didn´t choose it,my mother gave it to me.
It is old.
It belong to a neighbour.

Dear FlyingSunflowerpiano,
I love your t-shirt.

My Favourite T-shirt is white. It has red tulips and little silver bitts on. The slivs are ript. it is made from cotton and it is thin.

Hi BlueSand Lion
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T Lake8000