Have you got a mobile phone? If so, how old were you when you got it? If not, do you ever use your parents' phones? Do you play games on their mobile phone? Do you think people spend too much time using mobile phones these days? Tell us what you think! 

Your Turn: Mobile Phones
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My dad said to me that if I pass my O/L with high results (10 A stars) he will buy me an apple i-phone. So I am studying very hard, I am doing O/L exam 2013 May/June.

No I Do not  have a mobile  phone. I am only five years old.Sometimes  i play games in my dad's phone.Nowadays people wasting too much time on mobile phones. 

I have in Grade 4, about 9-10 years old. I don't think we use to long.I just use it to messege my friend and talk on phone with my mum to tell her I have arrive.........  

Hi, my  name is Letizia. I  have  got  a mobile phone  when I  was 10 but  I   don't  use it  very  often.
I  use  the mobile phone only for calling Marina, my mum.

Hi Im 9 and I got my first phone 3 yrs ago only because my parents split up i live with my mum so i could talk 2 my dad.About 6 months later it broke so i got my grans old phone another 6 months later i accidentally put it in the washing machine so i got my mums old one about a year later i bpught a new one with my christmas money i think kids should only have phones for good reasons

 I've got a mobile phone. When I was get it. I was 12 or 13 (in this moment i'm not remember). I believe that the mobile phone is good but for the children under 12 years old aren't good because they can play in the games and it isn't good for them.

I got a mobile phone when  I  was ten.

I got my mobile when I was 9 years old. but I got an other mobile on my 12th birthday. Samsung Star Querty. It is white with pink and with a littel keyboard. I love it very much and i am still 12 years old!

I think mobile phone is not a good thing, BUT if you are old enough you have to have a mobile phone.
I don't have a mobile phone.
It is a useful thing when you cominicate with others.
I can't understand some people that play games in it because when play alot  and your phones battery is finnished and then you had to call your mom or dad emercency you can' call him becouse you battery finished

  1. I have a mobile phone.I had 10 years old when i got mobile phone.My cousin play games on my mobile phone very,very much.Mobile phone is good because people can communicate!