What's red and sits in a corner?

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A very naughty strawberry!

'Naughty' is a word which means badly behaved. Sometimes children are punished for being naughty and they have to sit in the corner of the room to think about their behaviour.


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What? :D

I'ts bored 

Another joke from Italy:
Whai do the giraphes have long neck?
Because their feet smell a lot!

 So boring it is not even a joke!!!!!!!!!

 not funny!!!! maybe i'll tell u some jokes!
1.Where did the spaghetti go to dance?
ANS:Meat ball!
2.What do u get when u cross a pair of pants with a dictionary?
ANS:Smarty Pants!
2.What do elves learn in school?
ANS:The elf-bet!
3.Why is the Math book so unhappy?
ANS:Because it's full of problems!
I want to test you this question!
What word looks the same when it's upside down and flipped backwards??????

It is a bad joke. I think you could better.

it dose not  make sense.......

 didn´t understand!
:(  :(

it is very bad

baaaaaaaaaad joke!