Goldilocks goes into a house in the forest. What will she find there? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


The three bears eat hot cereal called 'porridge' for breakfast. What do you usually have for breakfast? Tell us about it!

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I 've listened to this story while I was in Nusery but now I might be going to year 3

  • I usually eat cheese with tea for breakfast
  • No I don`t
  • see number 1 
  • The story is great I like small bear)))

I already know this story..
It's very famous, so also most korean children know it.        ^^

great story !!
I usually have roll with cheese and tomato for breakfast.
no,I don't.My favourite breakfast  is egg with mayonnaise and vegetablessalat

That's interesting~~

I like the story.The baby bear is cute.

that fun!

I have cup of tea and biscuits for breakfast
On weekends I have toast with butter and sugar for breakfast
My favorite breakfast is bread and jam

Goldilocks is distributes everything...