One of the typical dishes in the UK is roast beef. The beef is cooked in the oven with roast potatoes and served with vegetables and a tasty sauce called 'gravy'. Can you tell us about one of the typical dishes from your country? 

Your Turn: Typical Dish
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 the typical dish in mallorca is ensaimada which is a cake with sugar.

On my country , we eat a lot of thing , taken from international recipes . My mother is a good chef .

Hi ! I am Duy Phuc . I am from VietNam .One of the typical dishes in VN is ''banh trang'' .We can eat ''banh trang'' with meat ,shrimp , vegetable and fish sauce . A truly great cuisine . :D:D:D

In Malaysia, "Laksa" is a typical dish. Laksa is a popular spicy noodle soup from the Penarakan culture, which is a merger of Chinese and Malay elements found in Malaysia and Singapore, and to a lesser extent to Indonesia. There are many different kinds of "laksa" in Malysia. But the tastiest is the " Asam Laksa". Asam laksa is a sour fish-based soup. Asam is the Malay word for tamarind, which is commonly use dto give the stock its sour flavour. The main ingredients for it include shreded fish, and finely sliced vegetables including cucumber, onions, red chillies, pineapple, lettuce, common mint and ginger buds. Asam laksa is normally served with either thick rice noodles or thin rice noodles. It spicy and a little sour taste, but if you try it, you definitely will have another bowl.

a tipical dish from my country america is : hamberger

One typical dish from my country is potatos? I think...?
But what I like in my country is peas,potatos and fish.

 bakso,typical dish from indonesia, i like bakso very much
it's make from meatball and served with gravy

hello gold pop chips! i'm from indonesia too.... would you like to be my friend? how old are you? my name is amalia naura i live in malang,east java! my favorite typical dish from indonesia are rujak,gado gado,soto,and bakso malang !

Fried rice is a typical dish from Indonesia. It's easy to make it. You need a bowl of steamed rice, an egg, some sliced shallots and chillies, salt and soysauce and cooking oil. Just heat the oil and put the shallots, chillies and eggs. Then put the rice and mix it together with soysauce and salt, until it is brown. It can be served with slices of tomato and cucumber.