One day Little Red Riding Hood goes to visit her granny. Who will she meet in the wood? Watch and find out!

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Little Red Riding Hood goes to visit her granny. Do you go to visit your grandparents or other members of your family? Tell us about them!

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 Their names are Ica(my grandma) and Puiu(my grandpa).I call my granny so, 'cause "Bunica" means grandmother in Romanian, so bunICA .They're both my father's parents.
They don't look that old, and they have nice, kind faces! They are everytime very worried about our safety and about what I and my sister eat. Ica cooks gorgerous food and Puiu gets us every time in the park, and buys us sweets.
My grandpa was an arhitect, and my granny was a chemist. I see them sometimes in the week-end, they live in the same city as me but their house is not that close to ours!

That's a quite different story AND it's funny!

Mom tell me is a different story. But I like this story.

it so coooooooooool

I liked this story. The story I readed in a book was diffrent then this but 
this story was much better then the other.

 i like this story and i love's
thank you very match

60+ My mom tell me this story when I was young.

it is a very good tale

55+ My mom tell me this story when I was young.

I read this story a lot of times, but it was quite different.
Mom said to red riding hood not to talk with anybody.
The wolf ate granny and red riding hood.
Mom was in tension. She went to granny's house and saw the wolf. She cut the belly of the wolf and granny and red riding hood was out. Then mom put some stone in its belly and sew the belly.
Then the wolf went in the pond to have a bath, and it sanked. Because it was so heavy for the stones.