There were lots of people on Hassan Street this morning. How many people were going to school? Watch and find out!

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This girl sees lots of strange things on her way to school. What do you see on your way to school? Tell us about it!

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 Dear Miss Lucky Mouse,
I can't find the answer on the question. 
I have typed 19, but it's not the answer.
 I can't answer above the 100. What is the answer?
Best wishes,
White Starlight Piano


Look at MissJewel800's answer below. I think she's right!

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

 i really have an good times with the answer but I got the right answer without seeing hints I just start from one to count. hehe

There were 20 people, 1 child and 19 memers of the rusian circus

There's only one person going to school and there are 19 people in the Russian Circus

Answer: 1
There were 19 people, but only 1 was going to school

the answer is 19

yay i make it its 1 i won:)