A boy is sad when his favourite clothes don't fit him any more. What will his mum do with them? Watch and find out!

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This boy in the story loves his favourite clothes. What are your favourite clothes? Tell us about them!

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I like cool and black  shoes.And a cool shirt.Too perfect .

It is funny!

i like it very much

I like to have new clothes. The story is nice.

I really this story........
It's so so easy for remember.....
I love it 4ever

i liked it

I miss my old clothes it was pink and it was sleeve less.

I like my old  clothes but  i grow so much. I wish that I can keep them. But i like giving them away for needy people. they 'll be happy if i give away! Some of my shirts are pink, i like them very much! =P =)
xoxo, Princess White Firefly.

He has not got clothes. His moher buy him clothes. It became his favoroite cloth.l I liked it.