Why do witches wear pointy black hats?

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To keep their pointy heads warm!

Witches wear pointy hats. 'Pointy' is the shape of the hat, like a cone with a point at the top. Do you think their heads are the same shape?!


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 It's funny!HAHAHA

Hello! My name is Sevinc. This wich is funny. Ha-ha-ha

The joke was funny ,but I don't think witches have pointy heads!

I  liked  this  joke  very  much...Ha,ha,ha!

This joke is not funny......because I don't understand.....but now I understand........but it is not funny at all.

hello my name is yasemin  what is your name?

  Haha!it is not scard,it is funny!

they are very funny !!! hahah

 It's funny!

 um I cant design my character can you help me girlfriend


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