Why do witches wear pointy black hats?

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To keep their pointy heads warm!

Witches wear pointy hats. 'Pointy' is the shape of the hat, like a cone with a point at the top. Do you think their heads are the same shape?!


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This is weird!

 yeah, i don't even understand what is it talking about!!!!!!!!

 It's funny!HAHAHA

Hello! My name is Sevinc. This wich is funny. Ha-ha-ha

The joke was funny ,but I don't think witches have pointy heads!

I  liked  this  joke  very  much...Ha,ha,ha!

This joke is not funny......because I don't understand.....but now I understand........but it is not funny at all.

hello my name is yasemin  what is your name?

  Haha!it is not scard,it is funny!

they are very funny !!! hahah


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