Tell us all about carnival! Do you celebrate carnival in your country? How do you celebrate? Do you have a special carnival party? Do you wear a fancy-dress costume? Do you eat any special food? Do you have a day off school? 

Your Turn: Carnival
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Last weekend held the carnival in my village. I went with my cousin and her friends and my sister asking for food, drinks or money dressed up. My counsin was little red riding hood, one of her friends was a nun and the other was a Robin Hood girl;my sister was a parrot and I was a mine-worker. We saw a famous  man. My mother made crêpes and "ears" food tipical in Galicia. I had a lot of fun.

 In my country the carnival held in te parks, schools, squares ...
Is a very important  festival dressed up  many guisses of all shapes and sizesfor example de vampire we also diving with funny or scary masks.
Eat food such as crepes and ears we are asking for the house disguised.
The day havent school.
Is a very fun day where I have a good time with my friends and colleagues, at night withmy cousins ​​at home I'm asking

 Hi People..i'm from georgia and in my country donot celebrate carnaval.... :(:(:(:( but my country has 1 more of them Important's Easter...we celebrate easter on 26 april.... 

Hello! I'm Yago and  I live in Brazil. In Brazil we have a big carnival but I don't like it.

Hello! We are Ekaitz, Haritz and Jone. We are from Spain, we live in Vitoria, (Álava) ,  Basque Country. We celebrate Carnival. We wear a Roman costume, a pirate costume and a witch costume. We eat nothing special food,
We are nine and ten years old.
(music) we are the wooorlddd, we are the childreeeen, we are the ones who make a brighter day so let's start giviiiiing!!!! (applause)
From the space, big kissesss!!

I live in Cádiz.
The best is to cadiz carnival.
 I wear  a fancy-dress costume.
I have a day off school monday's Carnival.
I don't eat special food.

Hi!! I l was born in  Brazil and here the Carnival is very strong. The music and the customes are in everywhere.
Come to my country and try the real Carnival =)

Hi! I am from Russia. We do not celebrate carnival  in our country, but we have many other holidays: New Year, Biirthday, 8 March, 23 February, Christmas, Child Protection Day, and so dalie. I have a day off school in those holidays. I eat my favorite food - sweets, ace-creams and biscuits.

Hello! We are Duda and Daniel!! We live in Brazil. We dance Samba. In Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiroand Salvador  have a big Carnival and many tourists visit Brazil. We don't eat special food.

my name's Antonio. I love carnival. Every year I like going to the carnival of Alhama. it's very nice and funny.  This year I'm going to wear a penguin costume. i also like watching Carnaval de Cádiz on TV. It's funny.