Ali has found a magic carpet in his uncle's shop. Where will the carpet take him? Watch and find out!

Do you know what you can do to help the environment? Watch the video to find out how to change the world in five minutes a day!

Your room is a mess! There's rubbish lying all around, but you can recycle it. Can you put the rubbish in the right recycling bins?

Print the desert picture, read the sentences and colour it in!

How can we save the planet? Listen to a song called Do your best and sing along.

Play some word games to learn and practise environment vocabulary.

Print a set of environment flashcards, or print some for you to colour in and write the words!

Print the worksheet about helping the environment and complete the exercises to help you practise your English!

Did you know that insects are disappearing? Watch the video to find out why and what you can do to help.

Listen to a song about things we can do to help to save the planet.

Would you like to build and race your own car? That's exactly what these kids did! Watch the video to find out more.

The children are visiting the Planet Earth Museum. What will they learn about our planet? Watch and find out!

What is a 12-year-old boy doing to reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans? Watch the video to find out!

Print the rainforest picture, read the sentences and colour it in!

Why do we need to save water? Practise your reading in English with this text.

Listen to a song about a lemur and what's happening to her home.

Do you know about the three Rs? Practise your reading in English with this text.

Did you know that animal poo can be really useful? Watch this video to find out what a zoo in the UK does with it!

During National Tree Week in the UK people plant trees to help save the environment. Do you know any names for trees in English? The most common tree in England is the sycamore. What's the most common tree in your country?

World Environment Day is on 5 June. On this day people from all over the world can do something positive to help our planet. What could you do? Lots of little things can make a big difference.

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